My name is Lisa Di Domenico and I am a Career Coach, Mental Health Consultant, and founder of Lisa D - Life by DesignTM . I am also a proud mom of two amazing kids: Olivia (4-years old) and Noah (8-months old). I am also a dog-mom to my Morkie named Lyla. I have been happily married to my husband and best friend for 5 years now. Knowing me is knowing just how much my family means to me. This is why creating a life where they are front and center and I can be well and present for them has been my top priority. At a personal level, I am best known for my drive, passion, perseverance and devotion to helping and advocating for others as it relates to their personal growth, mental health and wellness. I love people and forming deep connections with others. My favorite pastimes include being productive (I am aware that this is not an actual pastime. I’m working on it.), reading personal development books (shocking, right?), exercising, and watching comedies.

Why I Became a Coach

I spent the last 10 years of my professional life working as a certified Guidance Counsellor providing personal and career counselling services. Unsatisfied with "containers" available to me to practice in my industry, I searched relentlessly for a way to have a greater positive impact on the lives of others while also maintaining my own wellness. Leveraging my university education in psychology, my professional experience, and my own personal growth journey, I found the courage to create the "container" I had been longing for and that would allow me to feel satisfied and fulfilled both professionally and personally. Now, I want to pay it forward and help other women do the same.

Why Women Only

Women carry decades of deeply ingrained and conditioned messaging about how they should behave and think. Despite the progress we have made when it comes to gender equality, this messaging continues to permeate the internal narrative of many women. My awareness of this female experience was amplified when I became a mother myself and noticed my own narrative as well as that of so many other women and mothers. Crippled by their internal dialogue, they would abandon their most precious personal and professional goals. Being an advocate at heart, I felt and continue to feel compelled to empower women to challenge this narrative and help them believe in themselves and in their ability to achieve their career and life goals guilt-free!

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